Sports Hypnosis

Sports Hypnosis for athletes

Professional baseball player and team manager Yogi Berra famously said “90% of this game is half mental”.  Sports Hypnosis is training the mind to work for and with the body, rather than against it – creating a powerful synergy.


Sports Hypnosis

One of the most famous examples of hypnosis assisting an athlete, is the story of Rod Carew one of America’s finest baseball  players.  Carew had suffered an injury, which while technically had healed, left him nonetheless with some pain (perhaps psychosomatic, but real enough to him), and an elevated sense of self doubt.  A hypnotist was consulted, and he was instructed in mastering self hypnosis.  

Carew then came back to the best season of his entire career, with a batting score of almost 400, and went on to win ‘The most valuable player award’! 

In addition to building concentration and physical control, hypnosis can help in better managing the tension inherent in competing.  Furthermore, building positive expectations and positive communication with one’s self through self-hypnosis can enhance performance dramatically.  (Yapko, 2012).

Do you want to improve your sporting success?  

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