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Relax, unwind and align to wellbeing.


Reiki Session – 1 hour – $120.

Intuitive Reading – 1 hour – $120.

Reiki & Reading – 1 ½ hours  – $150.

Hypnotherapy – Allow 2 hours – $250.


What to expect when you have an Intuitive Reiki Session with Lisa Brandis

When you first arrive, you will be warmly greeted and asked to fill out a client information form. This gives you the opportunity to take a few minutes to relax and start to contemplate what it is you wish to achieve from your session with Lisa.

While you are waiting, I go into a meditative state. I state my intention to be a clear and pure channel of love, healing and guidance for your highest benefit. This is a very important process for me as it allows me to bring my awareness into a place of openness and receptivity and most importantly love.  I like to make sure that all my attention and awareness is focused on my client.

Once you are welcomed into my room, we will have a quick chat about what it is you are wanting from the session.  I will explain to you how Reiki works on the spiritual, physical and emotional and answer any questions that you may have.  I usually find that as the Reiki session begins, so to does the information that I receive from my intuition.  I am also a Psychic Medium, so when appropriate I may at times bring through loved ones that wish to communicate with you, this process is called Mediumship.  I do have to add here that it is always my intention to meet my client’s needs and sometimes I do have clients that don’t want a reading as such and just want to experience the beautiful Reiki energy and relax and enjoy the deep relaxation that flows when working with the pure flowing Reiki energy.  At different times we need different things.

If you have booked for both a Reading and Healing we will focus on the reading first and then I will use Reiki Healing to allow the information that has come through to be processed and integrated.  Please allow one and and a half hours for this type of comprehensive session.

It is always my intention that my clients leave a session with me feeling empowered or they may choose to stay the same – which I will add is very uncommon.  All healing is a choice and without exception is found from within.  In my experience, I have also found that attitude plays a big part in healing and aligning to wellness.

At the end of the session my clients have reported experiences lots of things, the most common being a sense of peace, calm, happier and inspired.  The guidance that they receive helps them to find a new perspective.  It’s like the pieces of a puzzle have come together for them, which is very helpful and encouraging.

The energy that I channel during a session is loving, compassionate, nurturing and comforting which is healing in itself.  Lisa was formally working at Yes 2 Life in Armadale and at Totally Sound Health in Canning Vale and is now based full time at the Conscious Conception & Birth Centre where she also teaches HypnoBirthing and Hypnotherapy for birthing.  See more here – 

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“With the use of Hypnotherapy, I gently guide my clients to experience the changes they desire”.  Lisa Brandis

Lisa Brandis combines years of formal training and study, with her fine tuned intuition to create a unique session tailored specifically for you and the changes you wish to see in your life.

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Reiki for Pregnancy

Reiki Healing safe for you and your baby!

Reiki Healing safe for you and your baby!

Did you know that Reiki is absolutely safe for pregnant women? In fact, Reiki works well in helping with all stages of pregnancy including conception and child birth.

Reiki provides emotional as well as physical support and unborn babies seem to love Reiki and will often follow the practitioner’s hands around during the treatment. Reiki can help you feel relaxed, more positive, more connected and in touch with your baby.

For you as a new mum, Reiki can be very relaxing and can also help with tiredness, post natal recovery and even post-natal depression.

Lisa Brandis is trained in Reiki for Pregnancy and specialises in Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy and Birth.


“After starting a new job and being there only a few days I severely tore my calf muscle at home, and was unable to work my manual labour job. I was in immense pain and could only hobble around. The doctor signed me off work for four days, and I was determined to be back at work come rain hail or shine! This led me to look at ways to heal faster, and made me consider Reiki Healing which I had never tried before. I went to Lisa looking for a physical healing and got so much more.

The Reiki healing was a very relaxing process, which resulted in a large reduction in pain at the site of my injury and an increase in movement which surprised me as it was very non-invasive. I honestly believe it has sped up the healing of my injury as I have not felt the need for anti inflammatory medications and have not needed any extra time off. The other physical benefits included other areas of tightness in my muscles like my shoulders loosening up and a general physical feeling of wellbeing. 

Whilst there Lisa also did my cards. She was very accurate with her references to my mother, knowing things that she could not have known. She helped me to resolve some issues surrounding my mother which has left me feeling happier and more contented. I left Lisa’s consulting rooms with so much more than a healed leg!”  Austin.

My husband walked into a gem of a store and found a gem of a healer; luckily for me, because he introduced me to Lisa Brandis. Thanks to Lisa, we both participated in the Reiki I Workshop and began to practise Reiki on ourselves and also on each other.  

More importantly, Lisa’s inspired, heartfelt facilitation of the Workshop opened doors and cleared all manner of difficulties and emotional obstacles for both of us. Lisa was a catalyst for us, both deeply interested in spirituality and goodness, to really begin to live these interests in a way in which we had not previously done in our life together.

The process has challenged us deeply in more than one sphere of our lives (and continues to do so). It has broadened our sense of what we are capable of, nourished our hearts and brought our dearest aspirations for how we wish to live far closer, far sooner than we would have anticipated.

I am deeply grateful to Lisa for beginning, facilitating and assisting us through all this. She is someone who has dived deeply into the realms of beautiful positivity and her living of this is so keenly obvious that it is infectious and inspiring and a teaching in the best possible way – the way of a role model. Yet, Lisa doesn’t make any claims to perfection and is open and forthcoming about her own journey and the challenges it throws up to her; going so far as to ask her students for their input and opinions. The thing I think that made it easy to respect and trust Lisa, is that she encourages her students and her clients to listen to their own truths, to develop their own intuition; to grow in the direction of self respect and self trust.

Thank you Lisa for the focus you place on all things positive; your incredible skill, depth, healing, openness, generosity, fun and for having undertaken the path you have”.

Anonymously grateful 🙂

“I have just had the most amazing and enlightening Reiki session with the very gifted Lisa Brandis from Reiki Workshops WA. Thank you so much Lisa you hit the nail on the head and gave me what I needed to go forwards, make changes and build a better life. Thank you thank you thank you” Sam Palmer

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