Intuitive Reiki Membership Group – Beginners

Beginners Support and Tuition Group for Reiki Practitioners.

Facilitated by Fay Watkins


Are you new to Intuitive Reiki and want to gain confidence in the skills and develop greater understanding of how to heal yourself and others?

Do you want to surround yourself with like-minded, supportive and encouraging people?

Do you want to gain confidence and have an opportunity to practice Intuitive Reiki in a safe and supporting environment?

If you answered yes, then this group is for you.

“The membership community is open to new Reiki healers, who have trained with us, and other qualified Reiki practitioners who may like to be a part of an ongoing professional support system.  At our Intuitive Reiki International Centre in Victoria Park, we provide an environment that is nurturing, safe and loving for our healers.  This allows our members to continue gaining confidence within their Reiki practice, to acquire further knowledge of Reiki and to understand and experience Reiki from which to grow and expand.  I know from my own life experience, that being in a loving, heart-centred community creates a sense of well-being; it contributes to a healthy body, mind & spirit connection that leads to a more harmonious Self.  This in turn reflects in family relationships, client relationships and most especially creates an expansion of humanity as a whole in the most loving and ethical way possible.”  Fay Watkins

You will learn how to:

  • Instruction and education on how to run a successful Reiki practice
  • Gain confidence and a greater understanding of Intuitive Reiki
  • Gain advanced techniques to connect to the healing power of Reiki
  • Learn how to tell others about the benefits of Reiki
  • Understand the Chakras and how they operate; physically & energetically
  • Experience a safe and nurturing environment to cleanse and clear stuck energy you have been carrying for the month
  • Networking and support from like minded individuals that share the same passion as you do for Reiki, energy healing and spiritual growth
  • Participate in a powerful group meditation facilitated by Fay Waktins
  • Reiki healing group practice session each month where you will give and receive Reiki from fellow members and be guided by Fay Watkins on best practice techniques
  • Monthly newsletter outlining what was presented, other interesting discoveries and what to expect from the next members meeting
  • Private Facebook Group facilitated by Fay Watkins for questions outside group meetings and gaining ongoing support from peers in a safe environment
  • Q&A open floor opportunity with other Masters within the community
  • Reiki mentoring from Intuitive Reiki Master Practitioner, Fay Watkins

“Right from the outset of my Reiki 1 training over 20 years ago I fell and am still in love with Reiki.  Back then I found very few groups from which to continue my studies and learn more about Reiki.  I would have loved being a part of and sharing with a community of like-minded, heart-centred people.  

When I was asked if I would be interested in facilitating a Beginners Support & Reiki Tuition Group at the Intuitive Reiki International Centre, I thought WOW, this is such a fantastic idea. I get so excited with the thought that I can give back to beautiful Reiki and our students in such a nurturing way!! .”  Fay Watkins

 Membership Details:

Date/s: Third Wednesday evening of each month, 6.30 to 9.00pm – Beginning on the 21 March 2018 Time/s: Arrive 6:15pm for a 6:3opm start – 9pm
Location: Intuitive Reiki International Centre, Vic Park Facilitator:  Fay Watkins
Pre requisites: Reiki II Certification
Cost: $49 per month (monthly payment plan)

Or 12 month one off payment of $588 and receive 2 months for FREE.

Email for details on booking. 

Session Topics:

March:  How to explain Reiki others

What is Reiki?  How does it work?  Who can do Reiki?  What special skills are needed? What specific knowledge is required?  How do I explain Reiki to someone?


April:  Understanding and integrating the Principles of Reiki:

How they can be integrated into one’s everyday life: examples from each member and how it may/has changed their life/perspective.


May:  Revision of standard Hand Positions:

What specific internal parts of the body does each hand position correlate to?

Physical ailments that relate to the hand position/parts of body.

Belief systems that affect body in physical way.


June:  Techniques to inspire you to meditate daily:

How does this practice benefit us in Reiki terms – body mind & spirit?

Techniques of meditation – Guided; group; individual.


July:  Powerful Reiki Exchanges:

What are the benefits of individual and or group exchanges?

Eg: Well-being/more learning/experience increase/energy from multiple people/community.


August:  Distant Reiki and the power of intention:

Non-symbol & symbol

When should Distant Reiki be sent?

What is the purpose of Distant Reiki?

Is it necessary to always ask permission?

How do I send Distant Reiki without the symbol?


September:  Understanding the Reiki levels:

Purpose of levels within Reiki:

Why are there 3 levels in Reiki, R1 / R2 / Master

Why is there a specific time interval between attunements?

How much time is required between attunements?

Can a student learn each level from a different Master?

How does this affect the student’s lineage?

Does learning from different Masters effect the student’s Reiki giving?


October:  Combining Reiki with other modalities – the pro’s and con’s

How does Reiki work with other forms of energy healing?

What is if ‘feels’ wrong to mix modalities?

When, in a Reiki treatment, should another modality be used?

When does spirituality come into Reiki practice if at all?

What is the ‘standard’ amount of Reiki sessions should one give to a client?

How far apart should these sessions be?

Email for details on booking. 

Membership Terms & Conditions and FAQ’s.

No, we do not accept cash payments, but we do offer you a monthly payment system via Ezidebit ( which will deduct the fee from your nominated bank account on the 1st business day of each month.
Ezidebit Fees / Charges One Time Setup Fee - $0.00 Bank Account - $0.00 Optional SMS Reminder - $0.00 Visa/Mastercard - 2.2% (min $1.25) Amex/Diners - 4.4% (min $1.25) Failed Payment Fee - $11.90
No, this is not a casual membership group. The energy and relationships require a commitment, and depend on your regular attendance. As we are only meeting once a month our members find it easy to commit, and change their outside arrangements to suit.
No, you are required to pay for the membership group even if you choose or are unable to attend a particular session.
Yes, we offer a discount for members who choose to pay in full for 12 months. Saving $150 (2 months for free). Payment of $750 is non-refundable and payable prior to you attending your first membership group.
Your 12-month pay in full membership is non-refundable. If you are unsure that you will be able to attend, we suggest you join on the monthly payment plan.
Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time, provided you give us a minimum of 1 weeks notice prior to the scheduled payment due date, in writing to
If you will be away for an extend period of time you can apply to have your membership put on hold, at the discretion of the director of Intuitive Reiki International.
No, unfortunately we do not offer concessions, however we do have a community Facebook page which offers you support at no charge, where you can meet with like-minded people and arrange for your own Reiki share experiences.
Yes, we welcome all lineages to our Reiki Membership, provided you have attained your Reiki II Certification, and supply a copy of your certification.
Yes, you are required to hold a Reiki II Certification (or above) to attend the Membership Group.