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“With the use of Hypnotherapy, I gently guide my clients to experience the changes that they desire”.  Lisa Brandis combines years of formal training and study, with her fine tuned intuition to create a unique session tailored specifically for you and the changes you wish to see in your life.

“My journey has been amazing, my thinking changed in a way that words don’t seem adequate to describe and my heart feels love for life”.  Sindy

What is Hypnotherapy & How Does it Work?

Hypnotherapy is a skilled verbal communication, used during hypnosis, which helps direct a client’s imagination in such a way as to bring about intended alterations in sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour. During hypnosis, the body and conscious mind are in a relaxed, natural state, while the subconscious mind remains awake, alert and more receptive to positive suggestion. Hypnotic suggestions bypass the intellectual mind, called the “conscious”, and are directed to the subconscious mind. When given a new suggestion, within the bounds of a person’s belief system and moral orientation, the subconscious mind accepts it literally as a new reality. The ability to re-program emotional attitudes and reactions is a latent talent within every human being. Hypnosis is the most functional and reasonable way to build new behaviors, create new patterns and find alternate ways of dealing with situations, thereby enforcing positive changed and restoring well-being of mind and body. If your mind can imagine it and your body can do it, if you WANT it, then it is possible to create change through the use of hypnosis.  The “want it” part is the key. It only works if you want it to work.  That is because all hypnosis is self hypnosis and the person being hypnotised is the one who is in control.  Hypnosis can help you become an ex-smoker. But the only way to become smoke free through hypnosis, is if you want to be smoke free. You can change habits, stick to a diet, overcome a fear of public speaking, remember something you had forgotten, enhance your performance at work or in sports — the sky is the limit.  Just simply using hypnosis as a form of relaxation provides tremendous health benefits. Hypnotherapy Sessions can assist you to

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If so you are in the right place for effective, professional, fully qualified, experienced help. Lisa is a registered, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. Registered with AHA and NHRA. 

Hi Lisa, Just writing to say that I am over the moon with our session together. Was pretty crazy but not one craving since i left.  I haven’t had a single puff and it just feels so good to be in control of it now. Still was so weird having no craving’s, was a funny few day’s after.  Thanks sooo much again. All the best, Adam Chiera

thank you“If I was able to find one thing, one word, one sentiment that hypnotherapy with Lisa has given me it would be, the ability to be HAPPY!.  I know we all take the notion of being happy for granted and at times we genuinely feel the fleeting moments of real happiness when sharing time with loved ones or achieving success in our lives.  But I am referring to the deep feeling inside of feeling safe, able to trust the world, appreciate life’s journey, feel settled and capable of managing life’s storms.  Ability to feel and receive love and feel genuine gratitude each and every day. Before I started hypnotherapy my world was filled with fear, doubt, worry, a need to control my emotions and need to know why, an overwhelming desire to find an answer for everything and a heart filled with pain. I knew I was ready to find a new way to be, ready to let go of the past, the fear, to find myself and find my joy. I had walked the path of so many other people who will read this, in terms of past therapies, only to experience relief that was short lived and unable to be sustained. Taking that leap of faith to trust and work on the subconscious mind with Lisa, the two of you together exploring your inner goals, dreams for yourself, willingness for change and to bring joy into your life. My journey has been amazing, my thinking changed in a way that words don’t seem adequate to describe and my heart feels love for life. Thank you Lisa for taking this journey with me, for holding my hand each step of the way, for helping me find the joy, love and laughter in my world. Lisa your knowledge, support, kindness and care has been amazing, thank you” Much Love,  Sindy Clarke, Area Manager

“Hi Lisa,thank-you Just to let you know that I’ve listened to your Hypnosis recording about half a dozen times.  I mostly seem to sleep through it and not really hear the last half of our session. BUT  today I’ve had one hell of a day and felt that I really needed to listen to it again.So I took time out, relaxed and listened again..   Well Wow!!! It was totally amazing…. Thank you, thank you, thank you.   I went from feeling totally overwhelmed, anxious and almost devastated to now having a different outlook on the whole situation & feeling uplifted, calmer.   It is so very positive – I’m going to listen to it again later tonight.   Hopefully I won’t overdose on it.   Lol xxx Lisa you are truly gifted.  Thank you Love and blessing,  Julie Xxxxxx

Tanu “I have had several Reiki sessions with Lisa over the past few years. The reason why I keep going back to her is because she has a remarkable ability to be able to assess and pinpoint what may be the reasons that are blocking you from experiencing physica and emotional well-being.  During my last session, we decided that hypnosis would be of better use for my situation.  Her innate skill is simply enhanced in Hypnosis!  I felt she was able to help me undo limiting beliefs and patterns beyond my conscious control. I highly recommend Lisa’s sessions. She is compassionate and down to earth and always has her client’s best interests in mind.”  Tanu Malaviya, Bowen Therapist.

“I have just spent an amazing morning with the most beautiful soul.  Thank you so very much Lisa for your guidance and understanding.  I felt so comfortable and relaxed in your presence, I was able to be me with no fear of judgement or airs and graces, just me”.   With love & kindness, Donna Rowe, Kinesiologist. 


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