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I was approached recently by a lovely lady who was ready to quit smoking.  She had experienced some very physical symptoms that had alerted her to the fact that her body was ready to stop smoking.  This beautiful woman entered into my office accompanied by a determination to quit smoking, which for me is fantastic, makes my job that much easier.

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I asked her to tell me about her smoking – and like most of my smoking clients she loved smoking.  I was asking her during our session if she was one of those smokers who only ‘consciously’ smoked a few a day and she replied to me ‘no love, I smoke a pack a day (about 50) and I savour each and every one, I am consciously aware and enjoy smoking the whole cigarette (she didn’t let them smoke themselves in the ashtray).

So I knew clearly then that while her body (and her Dr) had given her serious signs that this smoking was sending her on a fast decline to ill health, she also had smoked for a very long time and really enjoyed it.

That’s where the skills of a great Hypnotherapist come in handy.  Through using Hypnosis, I was able to bring into balance that part of her that loved smoking and that part that was absolutely ready to stop smoking – In her words, it’s a choice to live or to die.

So how do you get both parts to agree to this decision?  You’ll have to come and see me to find out.

So, did she stop smoking?

Absolutely!  I just called this lovely lady, to see how she had gone over the weekend and her reply:

“I’m feeling great – I haven’t touched a cigarette and I don’t even feel like having one, even though my children are still smoking around me.  I can’t stand the smell of it”.

My client was experiencing an increase in her coughing and a really nasty taste in her mouth, this is due to the body cleansing itself. On the path to healing and wellness.  A great choice made towards ‘life and the living’.

“When you quit, you heal, you don’t ‘withdraw'”

Are you or someone you know ready to #quit-smoking the easy way?

Most of my clients stop smoking with one session – you can too.

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