Reiki Training at the Beach

Reiki on the Beach Congratulations to my newest Reiki II Channel, Amy Carmichael (Dr Amy) who was attuned to Reiki a few weeks ago on the pristine Cottesloe Beach. After a series of events that lead us to changing the venue at the last minute, I found myself teaching Reiki to…

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How important is support in your life?

Individual session

Guess What!  as it turns out support is VERY important We recently moved into our dream home and after only a couple of weeks our roof started to cave in! With a 3 year old house, you wouldn’t expect there to be anything to worry about, however when the roof…

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Hypnobirthing at Curtin University

Hypnobirthing at Curtin University.   I recently had the pleasure of being invited as a guest speaker to present the benefits of Hypnobirthing to the third year midwifery students at Curtin University. I began the talk by introducing them to what Hypnobirthing is and how it can benefit their parents during labour.…

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