Christopher Hunt – Senior Reiki Master

Christopher Hunt – Senior Reiki Master – BIO

Christopher Hunt, one of Reiki WA’s Senior Reiki Masters began his Reiki journey in 2012. He was staying at an Ashram in Rishikesh in India learning Yoga. There he met and connected profoundly with many heart-centred Reiki practitioners and Masters who recommended he investigate Reiki in a more personal way for himself on his return home. Once home, Christopher began his search and was intuitively guided to Lisa Brandis-founder of Reiki WA which in turn, led Christopher to attend his first workshop for Reiki I attunement.

In Christopher’s own words “2012 was a tremendous shift for me which began with a massive health scare, when I was diagnosed with severe sleep Apnoea, high cholesterol and was a high risk to develop diabetes.  I was also overweight, unfit and visiting my chiropractor for my back issue often. I was drinking to excess, had ongoing family dilemmas, found myself feeling very negative due to work stress and to top it all off my relationship with my fiancée broke down.”

Then along came the Reiki I Workshop and attunement and Chris fell in love with the Reiki energy immediately.  “Lisa’s intuitive style of teaching resonated profoundly with me and helped me raise my vibration out of depression.  I could feel the energy flowing through me with ease.”

The benefits of Reiki and the attunement were instant for Chris.

“Emotionally, the connection with other heart-centred and like-minded people being drawn together for the betterment of themselves and others was like an epiphany for me.  Physically, I felt my body healing rapidly.”

By midyear, Chris had had surgery to resolve his severe sleep apnoea and by the end of the year his sleep disorder tested normal, a huge success.  Visits to his chiropractor are now a thing of the past and the best outcome for Chris was that Reiki re-ignited his connection to his spirituality and intuition.

It was then Christopher realised Reiki had released an invigorated passion for spirituality and a deep desire to delve deeper and to expand into new knowledge. In early 2013 he completed the Reiki II Practitioner Level through Reiki WA following Lisa’s expert guidance.  His growth and passion continued and in May 2013 Christopher, through Reiki WA, completed his Reiki Master level with Reiki WA.

Christopher says. “I’ve been super blessed, utilising my Reiki training on myself, family and friends in my spare time which has allowed my passion for Reiki to flourish.  I am ever grateful to Lisa Brandis of Reiki WA to have been able to continue my Mastery journey by supporting her in many of her workshops since 2013.

I’ve been gifted an invaluable opportunity and it has been a pleasure to see Lisa excelling in the last 12 months, bringing her Intuitive Reiki to a new level by creating a team of gifted, beautiful people thus allowing my elevation to one of her Senior Reiki Masters.  I love being involved in spreading the light, in observing and assisting new participants to evolve and heal themselves.  To help them delve deeper within themselves and assist them to continue on their journey towards Mastery. I have made many fantastic friends.”

Christopher’s approach to a holistic life has led him to learn other complementary modalities.  He has completed Crystal Healing training and is a Sound Healing Therapist specialising in crystal singing bowls.  Chris has also completed 200 hours of intensive Vinyasa style Yoga Teacher Training.  When he visited India again in 2016 he learned Ayurvedic Marma & Chakra Massage techniques and nutrition.  His thirst for wisdom has expanded to recently completing Hypnotherapy Practitioner Level certification which has inspired him to take further training later this year in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP.

Christopher looks forward to supporting you at one of the many events facilitated by Reiki WA.