Reiki WA – Making an impact!

20160511_3949Reiki WA – Making an impact! 

What a year it’s been.  Here is a snapshot of what’s happened in 2016 for Reiki WA. 

We’ve just launched our brand-new logo.  Thanks to the amazing team at Emote we have brought together elements and ideas that best represent Reiki WA, and have built a brand that you can feel proud to be associated with.
As many of you know a little over six months ago I made the decision to invest in a Business Coach.  It’s been one of the best decisions that I have made for myself personally and for Reiki WA.  Having support in your life can make the journey easier to navigate.  

Personal support makes all the difference in your life.  If you are interested in being supported by me both personally and professionally contact me to tailor an individual plan for you.
The Intuitive Reiki Membership Group – A leading edge program teaching Reiki Masters and Advanced Reiki students to have opportunity to further develop their skills, trust their Intuition, and grow in confidence and experience.  This group started with six members and has grown to 20 beautiful Reiki channels.  

Reiki WA is leading the way by teaching Intuitive Reiki Masters, and you can be proud to know that your lineage is highly regarded in the industry and has a great reputation for creating life changing experiences for the students that take our courses.  
This year we introduced a team of highly trained senior Reiki Masters to assist with the expansion.  I couldn’t have managed without Vanessa Slater & Christopher Hunt who have stepped up and excelled in their roles of supporting myself and our newly trained Reiki Masters and students.
During 2016 I was invited to speak about Reiki at the following places/events:
•           Armadale Hospital
•           Curtin University
•           Castor & Pollux Hypnotherapy Training School
•           Business Coaching Workshops and Live Events
I seized the opportunity to travel to Melbourne in a support role to offer Reiki to the directors at Secrets in the Garden.  This gave me the opportunity to speak at length about Reiki and the difference we are making in the community with influential women such Ita Buttrose, Michelle Bridges, and many others. 
In summary, I have absolutely loved the opportunity to take the message of Reiki out to the wider community.  As well as doing that, the most joyful moments have come to me through my teaching Reiki and through working individually with you.
Seeing that moment when someone makes the connection to their infinite self inspires me daily to continue sharing this message with as many people as possible. 
This work, for me, is all about my dedication to seeing people connected to their Intuition and trusting themselves.  Bringing about more happiness, love and compassion in their interactions with others and most importantly within themselves. 

I’ve seen changes my clients have made that have taken my breath away.  I constantly sit in awe as I witness the human capacity to love, to heal and to expand into joy.
There have been so many people who have helped me so much on this journey, I can’t thank them all here, you know who you are.  Thank you and I love you. 
And mostly thank you for your support, and for telling your friends and family about Reiki WA and helping me to achieve my goal of sharing this beautiful modality with as many people as I can, leading to a happier, more connected community.
Happy New Years and may all your dreams come true in 2017.  

With love, light and gratitude

Lisa xxx

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